Vertical washing machines

Hot melt extruder for big production M-40

Suction devise for lifting and holding glasses

Suction devise for lifting and holding glasses

Glass cutting tables


Use for the application

f - L material n

the production insulating glass.

Framing structure n wheels.
Use of any type of - L material.
Hot - melt tank capacity: 40 Kgr.
Tank internal diameter: 240 mm.
Thermoplastic pistol with anatomic grip and low tension resistance: 48 Volt.
Immediate control of temperature with temperature instruments.
Safety devise to control machine's operation.
Regulation of the extrusion capacity from 0 to 1.5 kgr/min.
Dimensions of hot-melt machine:
- 40 100 60 145 cm
otal installed power: 5.9W / 380 Vac 3-phase 50 .